Together we carry the vision of God


In this stage of the process of the vision, we win souls for Christ. Every member of the church should be a soul winner. Our evangelism is supernatural because we not only preach the Word but we also testify and manifest the power of God through miracles, healing, the prophetic word, and words of knowledge.

Evangelize is sharing the good news of the Gospel of God’s Kingdom to the poor in spirit, the broken hearted, the captive, the blind, the oppressed, the sick, and to everyone on the earth and by any means available


In this stage of the process of the vision, we confirm and strengthen the decision made by the new believer (NB), and the proper follow-up is provided until they develop the basic foundation of their new life in Christ and later be able to join a discipleship group.

Affirm is to lead new believers to become disciples and string Kingdom leaders, founded on Kingdom values and the apostolic doctrine; whereby, renewing their mentality to become totally transformed in body soul and spirit.


The objective of the discipleship is to teach, train, equip, activate, and provide pastoral care because its goal is the continual and constant growth of the individual.

Disciple is to train, equip, perfect, and help every disciple discover and carry out their purpose, calling, and God’s will for their lives; leading them to discover their identity as God’s children with rights, privileges, inheritance, and responsibilities in God’s Kingdom


When leaders are sent to open a House of Peace or as mentors to start a discipleship group, they are already fulfilling the fourth stage of the vision because they are equipped with the power and gifts needed to extend the Kingdom of God and develop each area entrusted to them. Also, as they grow spiritually, they can be promoted and sent as deacons, elders, or ministers according to God’s calling for their lives.

Sending is commission every disciple to carry out Gods will and reach their destiny equipped with powerful weapons needed to extend the Kingdom of God by force.